Guess who is the official Photographer

Its was during a church ceremony where i am just a ordinary guest with a normal camera,when i saw all the action on all these cameras, i just cant help it but to snap it to share with all of you. To all the official Photographer for each wedding, i finally understood how you guys felt when another man/women with their excellent cameras and took over your nice angle and snap away, you guys must be frustrated huh? Well just a light moment to share on my blog thats all :) (this is only a few that i manage to capture, there is more where is within my reach of my small camera)


7 thoughts on “Guess who is the official Photographer

  1. Lee says:

    :) Yes, it can be pretty frustrating at times but most of them are quite considerate and will not jostle for a prime space. But I’ve met a few totally oblivious ones. And they usually only ocme out at the most unpredictable time.

  2. Eddie Lee says:

    Well bro,1st look for the small grey fella call battery, then put it in, look for the power and turn it on,slide in a tape(dv tape), if your is hard disc then u just press record, when u see a “rec” in red came out, then u r on yur way to b the next steven spilsberg lol

  3. david chua says:

    I know, I know… got prize or not??? The center one! The one with the big lens and big flash! Your photography skills also can snatch our rice-bowl now. Great! Can introduce clients to Eddie Lee Photography liao.. :) Great angles, bro!

  4. gabrielle says:

    revisited your blog posts :)

    argh, i totally struggle doing video/photography for wedding coz there’s always plenty of aspiring-but-not-official-photographers blocking the way. what are some good ways to let them know… this little girl is shooting? don’t block me! :P

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