Book store

Its been a while since i visited a book store,when you have 2 “bone dissolver” at home, you just cant really find the time for yourself. Yesterday after long day of homework coaching after school, i am just flat worn out! The only time i have to do some computing stuff is when my kids are having their nap! But when they are awake,routine starts again. Me and my wife decided to bring our 2 jokers to book store, at least they can read some story books and i also can go through a few free magazine and also update a few thing here and there. Just for your info, i am totally not a book lover, only magazine. After reading all the free mag, i glance through a few books here and there! Lotsa books!!!!! Seriously, after i flip a few pages…. and thats it! i am done!

After 2 hour of baby sitting, i decided to bring them home! I am glad there is a book store around my area, at least i can bring my kids and let them goes through the books rather then watching TV.


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