Jay&Jananee-Collaboration with Sonic Image Photography

Just having some fun time over the weekend :). Sree from Sonic Image Photography has the idea of doing something fun and new, so i am just there to execute it! Don’t you want your pre-wedding video to be like this? :) Totally different from the normal! Jay&Jananee-The camera and video just love you guys!!! Enjoy this video !


8 thoughts on “Jay&Jananee-Collaboration with Sonic Image Photography

  1. david chua says:

    This is GREAT!!! and I mean GREAT! SUPERB! SIMPLY THE BEST!!! BETTER THAN BOLLYWOOD!!! Boss, you need to pick up more Indian/Hindi Music!!! I love this video soooo-much!!!
    Please shoot for me and Alyssa – next stop – Mumbai!

  2. Hooi Joo says:

    Hey buddy,

    love the video, totally fresh ideas. Great to make use of our kampung, this type of surroundings cant get overseas – its so MALAYSIAN!

    you know i need to get updated with this blogging thingy, am totally not IT saavy at all..at least i’m starting with facebook lar…

    am inspired by your work, keep it up bro!


  3. Mishell Leong says:

    HAHAHha…i love the kid coming few times in the bicycle….hillarious and fresh! I so want a pre-wedding shoot just to have the video done now…hehehhe..

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