When Malaysian and Japanese comes together, what do they have? LOT’S FUN AND LAUGHTER!! This is what happened to Jay&Toshi. The games was so hilarious until i nearly drop my video camera! Congrats guys! :) Enjoy the video. After press play, go to right hand corner triangle bar and click HQ, then you will get better audio and visual :P


6 thoughts on “Jay&Toshi

  1. duku says:

    nice couple… very sporting groomate… very creative videoman…… that eddy lee my sifut [typo are intentionally]…. haha… jgn marah ya sifu.

  2. nabilahnadia says:

    miss this job so much eddie!!~ walaupon penat,but hepi to edit video…hehehehe…good job eddie!!~ so creative n cool!!~ hahahaa…

  3. Eddie Lee says:

    Hey Jay!Thanks for the comment :) Although video is not your priority,but i still remember u did said that u dont want to regret later for not even having one,that makes me works even harder to let your day video be something that u can cherish forever! So glad to be able to be part of your wedding ceremony :)Best wishes frm me to both of u in Japan!

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