Welcome :)

Eddie Lee Moving Pictures is celebrating our 5th anniversary and in conjunction with our big birthday we would like to announce the arrival of our new image – 3 Reel Studio.

3 Reel Studio is made up of a group of fun, energetic and creative people.

We strongly believe in Journalistic documentary coverage with a touch of artistic flavor without interfering the process of the  ceremony .

Moving pictures speak a thousand words, hence we are here, humbly, to capture, film and document your special day with enthusiasm and to give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Hope Worldwide KL Christmas Carols + Starbucks 17th Anniversary

Glitters of Hope -Sister Mona

Glitters of Hope -Alan Wong

Glitters of Hope -Caesar Teh

Hope Worldwide Malaysia Country Director Darick Wong’s Speech

HOPE Worldwide KL ,Chairman -Mr.Burt Ong’s Speech

HOPE Worldwide Malaysia ,15th Anniversary, Youth Volunteers “STOMP”

Pradeep & Subha Wedding Montage

AffinHwang Team Building Event at Hard Rock Penang

Justin & Sherry Church Montage